Maintenance and Safety of your Home Fireplace

Everybody loves the warmth and coziness of a beautiful fireplace and a crackling fire in the winter. There is nothing quite as relaxing and even comforting, especially in the cold winter months, that sitting by the fireplace with your favorite drink in hand and enjoying quiet moments or conversations with family and friends. However, many homeowners…


The Nashville Chimney Company You can Trust

The professionals here at All Year Chimney Sweeps and Repairs are dedicated and committed to providing all our valued clients with top of the line services, quality products, and yes, even insight and advice when needed. We are often approached by clients with a common question regarding chimneys – What is the Best Way to…


Oh No, there’s water leaking into my Home from my Chimney

At All Year Chimney Sweeps and Repairs one of the most common phone calls we get is from clients complaining about water that is leaking in and around a chimney and getting into their homes. Since we are chimney repair specialists, we are quick to respond to the needs of our clients and provide effective…

Chimney Cleaner Nashville

Making certain your Chimney Sweep is Reputable and Honest

At All Year Chimney Sweeps and Repairs we have worked long and hard to develop a reputation of being not only a highly professional but highly honest Nashville chimney sweep company. Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the marketplace, our skilled and experienced technicians and Nashville chimney sweep and repair specialists are…


Time For Routine Chimney Maintenance?

If your Nashville home is equipped with a fireplace or wood stove and, of course, a chimney, then surely you want to have them cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Your routine maintenance and cleaning schedule is dependent upon how often you use your fireplace or wood stove. With that said, All Year Chimney…

Water Damage Repair

Nashville Chimney Sweep and Repair Customer Satisfaction

People across the globe enter into agreements with contractors and subcontractors for the build, repair, or renovation of their homes every day. Typically, when a contract is involved the costs incurred are somewhat hefty. Customers who rely upon contractors and subcontractors to provide them with quality services at affordable prices, are every bit deserving of…

Water Damage Chimney

Various Types of Chimney Stains – What’s A Homeowner to do?

Nashville homeowners often find themselves faced with various chimney stain problems and wonder just what the cause, the significance and the overall cure of these unattractive chimney stains would be. It is important to diagnose, inspect and evaluate all your chimney stains and to be on the lookout for chimney damages as well during an…